Two-day bail hearing begins for alleged RCMP spy

Two-day bail hearing begins for alleged RCMP spy

Lawyers will begin to make their arguments today over whether a senior RCMP director accused of preparing to leak sensitive information should be released on bail.

Cameron Ortis, 47, is charged under the Security of Information Act with preparing to share sensitive information with a foreign entity or terrorist organization. He’s also charged with sharing operational information back in 2015.

The classified intelligence material Ortis allegedly was preparing to share includes some of the most closely protected of Canada’s national security assets; its dissemination would threaten Canada’s relations with its allies, according to documents viewed by CBC.

Because there’s so much information to review in the case, the defence and Crown agreed to a two-day bail hearing.

Ortis’s lawyer Ian Carter said he’ll be seeking a full release.

The documents viewed by CBC say Canada’s security services first got wind of Ortis’s alleged activity through a separate probe of Phantom Secure Communications, a B.C.-based company under investigation for allegedly providing encrypted communication devices to international criminals.

The FBI discovered in 2018 that a person was sending emails to company CEO Vincent Ramos offering to provide valuable information; Canadian authorities believe that person was Ortis.

The investigation into Ortis is still ongoing and RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has called the allegations “extremely unsettling.”

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