Five great white sharks have been spotted and three of them have been tagged in Ocearch’s latest expedition off the coast of Cape Breton. “I think that is more than we expected, especially when we’re only about halfway through the trip,” Chris Fischer, the founder and expedition leader of Ocearch, saidRead More →

The Green Party would decriminalize all drug possession if elected in October, leader Elizabeth May said Saturday on the campaign trail in Winnipeg. May said decriminalizing possession of all drugs is necessary to curb the opioid crisis in Canada. “We must stop treating drug addiction as a criminal issue. This is a national healthRead More →

A Brexit deal is possible, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Thursday, adding that if the Irish border backstop which the British government wants removed could be replaced with alternatives, it would not be needed. “I think we can have a deal,” Juncker said in an interview with Sky News, adding that he didn’tRead More →