Since being elected to Quebec’s National Assembly last year, Catherine Dorion’s clothing choices have received plenty of attention. Known for wearing tuques, T-shirts and Doc Martens in the legislature, the 37-year-old politician is at the centre of a heated debate over what elected officials should wear to work. When Dorian showedRead More →

The first sign Andre Pettipas had that anything was wrong with his cellphone was when his girlfriend texted him to ask about the message he wrote to her that simply said “Sexual assault allegations.” Pettipas didn’t send that text from his Samsung Galaxy S9. The culprit was a PDF scanner app, which was actually malware heRead More →

Hull–Aylmer MP Greg Fergus is calling on Don Cherry to apologize for comments he made regarding immigrants and Remembrance Day during his Saturday night segment on Hockey Night in Canada. Cherry said during Coach’s Corner that he’s less frequently seeing people wearing poppies to honour fallen Canadian soldiers, singling out those he believesRead More →

Yet another investigation has uncovered concerns about a retired Vancouver psychologist’s work in child custody battles, including allegations he used “nonsensical” assumptions to dismiss a mother’s fears of violence by her ex. The latest probe into Allan Posthuma wrapped up last month, when the College of Psychologists of B.C.’s inquiryRead More →